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Established in 1995...

Starnote Productions started in 1995 as a side job and quickly grew into a full time business. The owner, Robin Dridge, left the corporate world to provide DJ services across the metroplex. For decades, Starnote Productions has MC/DJ'd parties for corporations, including Macy's, American Airlines, various school districts, city functions and charity events. We bring all of this experience to our client's birthday party, wedding or family reunion. 
Scotty Tamul
-  Bilingual, English/Spanish
-  BA in Communications from University of Texas at Austin
-  Adept in all forms of music and mobile events.
-  Nicknamed “The All-American Boy” by Starnote staff.
Robin Dridge
Business Owner 

Robin has degrees in Business Management and Electrical Engineering is FCC licensed. And has worked in radio in both Dallas and Oklahoma City. Robin writes and performs his own stand up comedy. 

-  Robin has been a mobile DJ since 1994
-  Has a FCC broadcast license
-  Also an E.E. & B.S. in Business
-  Writes and performs stand-up comedy
-  Claims he can motivate even Southern Baptists to dance